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Enya - Value Set Menstrual Heating Patch

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This Heating Patch set contains 3 boxes

* One box = 3 Patches | 8 x 10 cm


What it is:  Enya’s heating patches are made with non-toxic ingredients for maximum comfort and cramp relief. Contents of the patches can be emptied onto soil and are great for your plant babies too!

Helps to :    

* Heats up when exposed to air

* Easy-to-use, convenient and portable

* Eco-friendly & compostable

* Adhesive to put on over garments for on-the-go use


When to use : During period cramp 

How to use 

1. Tear off packaging. When exposed to air, the patch will heat up by itself.

2. Peel and paste onto underwear or directly onto abdomen area according to heat preference.

3. Alternatively you may also apply the adhesive side on the inner side of your underwear.

4. Advisable to remove the patch after every hour of use to rest your skin. Prolonged contact with low heat may cause burns.


Full Ingredients : Iron powder, vermiculite, salt, activated charcoal, water