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DR. JART+ Shake & Shot Soothing Shot Shaking Rubber Mask

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A cream-to-sheet mask that provides skin with a shot of targeted treatment. Give your skin what it craves with Shake & Shot masks from Dr. Jart. These cream-to-sheet masks contain a booster and an ampoule to shake and mix together for specialized skincare elixir. Choose your mask based your skin’s needs — hydrating, soothing, brightening, or firming. A cooling and soothing pack to calm sensitive skin. Mix and shake Double Trans Booster with an ampoule containing alpinia and a smoothing botanical complex.


Pour the booster and ampoule into the Shaking Rubber Cup and shake it until it stops splashing. Make sure to block the opening of the shaking Cup before use. 

Use within 2-3 minutes after mixing before the product hardens. When the formula becomes a cream, evenly apply it on your face, avoiding the eye and lip areas, with the spatula. 

Once the sheet mask hardens, slowly remove it from the edges. Wipe off the residue and finish with skincare.

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