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Skincare Product Stopped Working?

Have you ever feel that your favorite skincare product is somehow is no longer give you any effect?

Ini adalah one of the reasons why!

Most of the time, the skincare product is still as good as before, it just that:

1. Anda tak exfoliate enough. Exfoliation yang tak mencukupi, menyebabkan layers of dead skin cells piled up. Ini menyebabkan produk yang ada guna susah untuk penetrate ke dalam kulit.

2. Store it right! Produk skincare anda yang ada active ingredients tak boleh disimpan pada tempat yang expose to direct sunlight. Direct sunlight can breakdown the active ingredients, make it less efficient.

3. Sneaky culprit: medication. Medication yang anda ambil juga boleh menyebabkan your skin breakout. Jadi, jangan salahkan skincare product semata tau!

4. Your skin changed! Skin type dan condition mungkin berubah. Jadi your current skincare product tak lagi berfungsi dengan baik. You need to change your product based on your new skin condition.

5. Ops, hormonal changes. This always happen to us but we still blaming the product. Hormonal factor adalah faktor yang paling susah untuk kita kawal. Usually we are advised to tone down our routine until our hormone is stable.

6. Your skin used to the product! Maksudnya, your skin is no longer responsive kepada produk yang di apply! Jeffrey Fromowitz, a dermatologist said “yes, it is possible for a product to stop working after your skin becomes used to it”. What you can do are:

- change your routine, add the amount of skincare used atau you need to change the product (to higher % of certain ingredients).

Ini adalah sebab kepada kenapa your skincare product stopped working.

We hope now you know why.

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