How To Handle Razor Bump?

How To Handle Razor Bump?

Razor bump has always been some issues during shaving. But with great skincare routine you can actually avoid it easily! How?

1. Make sure you exfoliate and cleanse your face well before shaving. Why? Sebab bila you exfoliate dia akan remove impurities, first yang clogged pores you and cleanser give you deep cleansing effect. When this happens you akan buka your hair roots and dapat closer shave!

2. Moisturize before shaving. If your skin is dry, the razor susah nak dapat clean cut shave so you akan end up shaving a few times at the same area, pulling the skin yang akan lead to razor bump. So moisturize your face and pat the shaving cream so you can have a smooth clean cut.

3. Don't shave to quickly. Slow down and control your speed while shaving so you boleh minimize the risk of you lukakan your skin and avoid bump!

4. After shave care is important too! Use a soothing toner and moisturize to soothe your skin and help reduce any chance of irritation.

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