Essence VS Serum

Essence VS Serum

Is there anyone here don’t know the differences between ESSENCE and SERUM?

1. Texture
Essence is more light weight compare to serum. But lately you can see the essences are made with thicker texture too.

2. Recognition
Essence is well known amongst Asian while serum is well known amongst Westerner. In fact, Korean who actually the first to introduce essence to the skincare world.

3. Sequence
Essence can be applied after toning and before serum. Serum can be applied after essence and before your moisturizer. Remember the thickness rule: thinner to thicker.

What is the similarity? They both contains active ingredients to address our skin concerns as such: brightening, fading dark spots, acne scars and so on.

Valent team harap, anda semua faham dengan our simple explanation ini.

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