Dark Circle Under My Eyes!

Dark Circle Under My Eyes!

Apa itu dark circle bawah mata anda?
Kenapa ianya terjadi?
How to treat it?

Dark circle is cause by either genetic ataupun skin tone.
Bawah mata kita can look purple or bluish sebab the skin there is too thin.

But it also appear more obvious bila kita lack of sleep kalau kita lack of sleep, veins akan congested so the blood in veins will be pooled and increase the appearance of dark circle.

People with darker tone tends to produce extra pigment around under eyes area so it will appear darker.

Faktor lain like fatigue, eye strain, allergies reaction and dehydration pun leads to appearance of dark circle!

What you can do dengan dark circle?

Topical retinoid can help to lighten up your dark circle sebab retinoid akan thicken the skin dekat under eyes so the dark circle will become less visible!

Anda juga boleh guna Hyaluronic Acid, Ceramides atau Peptides untuk hydrate dan stimulate balik the build up of collagen and elastin.

Bila kita plumping up our skin it will pushed the pooled blood vessel away. So less dark circle!

Antioxidants macam Vit A, C and E also helps you to lighten up your dark circle!

Dan juga Caffeine product can constrict your visible blood vessels so your dark circle will be come less visible!

Selain dari guna products you can also try natural home remedies!
Ini list home remedy yang selamat ✨👇🏼

Letak cold compress dekat under eyes.
It helps to shrink the blood vessel so this will reduce the appearance of dark circle.
Use a clean cloth soaked with cold water (ice) and apply it under eyes for 20 minutes.

Selain itu, soak your eyes with tea bag.
Green tea is a very good antioxidants that will helps to stimulates blood circulation.
Plus, it is able to shrink your blood vessel and reduce excess liquid build up dekat under eyes.
Soak the green tea bag dalam hot water for 5 minutes then letak dalam fridge for 20 minutes and apply it on under eyes for 10-20 minutes! Done!

Kalau korang malas nak buat home remedies macam diatas, boleh terus beli product for eye cream yang ada di Valent Skin:

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2. 3W Clinic Eye Cream RM 23/ 40 ml.
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